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SUBJECT: Lovemaking Quiz - 78% of people fail this

This is a fun and quick quiz for you:.

1. What food and drink you should avoid the 24 hours before making

a) cereal and milk

b) beef and wine

c) mangos and pineapple juice

d) lettuce and Coca-Cola

2. What month is the peak of a guy's testosterone?

a) January

b) April

c) October

d) December

Which week of a woman's cycle is she the friskiest? 

a) First 

b) Second

c) Third 

d) Fourth 

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To your success,


SUBJECT: Want to drive your man wild? 
SUBJECT: These tips will drive any man wild

Do you know...
* What to say in the kitchen to get him to put down the paper and
notice you...
* The nine words you should never say before breakfast...
* The secret of making him look at you (and no one else) with love
and desire in his eyes...
* The secret of making nearly every woman you meet green with envy
over the way your man treats you...
* What to keep by your bedside to guarantee good morning kisses
instead of an order of eggs over-easy for breakfast...
* A simple but fun game you can play that makes him want you all
year long...
* The secret of getting him to make love to you as often as you want?
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Your friend,

SUBJECT: This light bulb bedroom trick blew my partner's mind
SUBJECT: When I tried this in the bedroom for the first time - WOW!
I learned a really neat trick a couple months ago. It is something you do with
a light bulb in the bedroom that DRAMATICALLY elevates the arousal
Last week I did something crazy simple that got my partner in the mood
almost instantly (which is not often the case).
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I've known of Michael Webb for quite some time from his appearances
on Oprah and other talk shows. However, I hadn't taken a look at his
lovemaking tips on his website until recently. They BLEW MY MIND.
More importantly, once I began trying them out at home, our lovemaking
went through the stratosphere. The tips we tried made it more fun,
fresh and exciting than ever.
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Your friend,
P.S. Definitely try the donut idea. You'll be talking about that one
for years to come.
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SUBJECT: Do this and you will get LOTS more bedroom time
SUBJECT: Don't make this mistake in the bedroom
A great date probably means you'll get another date.
A fantastic meal at a restaurant means you will likely return.
Great sex means you'll get more (great) sex.
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It can be the little things that can make a huge difference
when it comes to lovemaking. It is NOT all about the finale.
When someone realizes they have a caring and creative lover
they want to up their game too.
Here's just one of 500 hints and tips I recently discovered on
Michael Webb's website --- dab some tasty liqueur on a part of
your body you would like more licking.
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Your friend,
P.S. Michael currently has some bonus material on his website
that he might be taking down soon.
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SUBJECT: Intimacy "hacks" will blow your partner's mind
SUBJECT: Life hacks for the bedroom
I love life hacks. You know, all those interesting and innovative
tips for making life easier or more enjoyable. Something like
spraying a vinegar and water mixture on your car windshield to
keep it from fogging up.
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I love Michael Webb's "lovemaking" hacks where he shares
some really fantastic tips and ideas on simple ways to skyrocket
the intimacy in a relationship.
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Your friend,