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Introducing… 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets

What Do I Earn Per Sale?
You earn 63% on all sales you refer, minus processing fees. The book sells with two optional upsells - SILVER and GOLD packages. As we speak, approximately 50% of the customers upgrade to a package which means MORE money for you per sale.
Standard Book - $27
You make: $18 per sale
GOLD Package - $67
You make an additional: $46 per sale
SILVER Package - $17
You make an additional: $11 per sale
How Much Money Can I Make?
The sky's the limit. The more traffic you send, the more money you can make. You can make between $18 and $64 per sale, depending on whether customers decide to upgrade. It's really a no-brainer.

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Clickbank sends you checks every week for the sales you've made through your affiliate link. Clickbank is the most trusted source for selling digital products online, and they handle everything. You can even log into your account and view your real-time stats 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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How Do I Promote This Product To Make Money?
Your only job is to send traffic to the site with your Clickbank name. We take care of everything else. We communicate with the customer, we answer their questions, we fulfill their orders and finalize the sale.
Yes! I'm Ready. How Do I Get Started?
Step 1: Set up a free account with Clickbank. This step only takes a minute. It's quick and easy. Click here to open a Clickbank account now!
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Start promoting the book with…
Articles, Emails, a Book Review, Graphics and More…
Here's all the content you'll ever need to start
making money from promoting this book.
Powerful Money Maker | Personal Recommendation | Banners and Graphics | Text Ads | Articles | Book Review | Book Graphics | Thank You Pages | Error Pages | Keywords | Free eBook
1. Personal Recommendation (Solo Mailing)
The quickest and easiest way to make big fat affiliate checks is a personal recommendation of a product to people who already trust and like you. (Write your OWN solo recommendation using the one below for guidance and inspiration ONLY.)

The most powerful way to bring in hefty checks is to show your OWN personal results or in this case, the results of a friend you recommend it to.

HOT TIP: Want to make passive income? Put your solo mailing (use one below as inspiration) inside your autoresponder follow-up sequence so you'll continue to make money from it forever.
For many more customizable solo email swipes go here: 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets EMAIL SWIPES   
2. Banners and Graphics
We have two types of graphic banners. Text banners and regular banners below.

PROFIT TIP: For the best results, places these ads at the TOP of your web pages where people have the highest chance of seeing them.
8 Banners!
728 x 90
468 x 60
120 x 600
160 x 600
200 x 200
250 x 250
300 x 250
336 x 280
3. Articles
Articles are a great way to build trust with subscribers before they decide to buy. Put this on your websites or in your newsletters (both versions are provided).

HOT TIP: A big mistake affiliates make is to ONLY blast the article once and then that's it! Instead, you should put these articles on your websites AND into your autoresponder follow-up sequences to earn passive income long-term.
Article: 10 Ways To Rekindle The Magic In 
Your Relationship

Newsletter and Autoresponder Version (Text)
Article: 7 Lovemaking Mistakes That Couples 
Make and How To Avoid Them

Newsletter and Autoresponder Version (Text)
Article: 5 Tips For Better Lovemaking

Newsletter and Autoresponder Version (Text)
Article: The Best Positions For Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Newsletter and Autoresponder Version (Text)
Article: How To Find The G-Spot and Techniques To Drive Your Lady Wild

Newsletter and Autoresponder Version (Text)
4. Book Review
(Write your own or use the pre-written one)
If you want to make the most money possible, you need to show BOTH sides of the book. The PROs and the CONs.

Book reviews need to be REAL and accurate. Criticism is just as important to your sales as positive feedback, if not more important.

Think about it.

When you read a review, you want the honest truth, so do the same for your subscribers and visitors. Use this pre-written review or write your own. Look closely at how it's written.

SUPER PROFIT TIP: Imagine your best friend was about to buy this book and wanted your opinion on it because you've read it. What would you say? Write that.

(You'll make more money if you write your own brutally honest review.)
5. Book Graphics
Warning: Change the 'URCBIDHERE' section in the links (inside the picture code) or else you won't get a commission.
6. 'Thank You' Pages
Are you making money from the 'Thank You' pages after people sign up for your newsletter? YOU SHOULD BE!

It's the perfect place to put an affiliate offer and earn big fat commission checks! Why? Because the visitor is HOT. They've just subscribed to your newsletter because they trust you--it's the time to make a recommendation.

Paste the following text onto your newsletter 'thank you' pages and include the solo mailing or other content from this page in the appropriate BLANK area.
7. Error Pages
Are you letting money fall through your finger tips? You may be getting THOUSANDS of visitors landing on error 404 pages on your website. But what do these visitors see?

"404 Error Not Found" Hmmm?…

Why not get some value out of this space? You can make more money promoting 300 Creative Dates, simply by pasting this text into your default error page.
8. Keywords

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